EVE is the premier sponsor for 32nd annual International Battery Seminer & exhibit
-40C to 85C wide range Li-Ion rechargeable battery
-40C Low temperature rechargeable battery
High Temperature 125C non-rechargeable Lithium battery

Company Product

EVE provides high quality, reliable, standard and custom-designed Lithium primary, rechargeable battery and battery pack.
Lithium Primary Battery (non-rechargeable Lithium Battery)
1. Li/SOCl2
Lithium Ion Rechargeable battery
High Energy Density, light weight standard and custom design cell .

EVE Energy North America

Your Portable Battery Power Solutiuon

Custom Design/Build battery Pack
3. Li-FeS2
2. Li-MnO2
New Product
1. Compact Power Batteries
2. Digital Products Batteries
3. Energy Storage Power Batteries
including power management system
              in-pack charging design
              smart sensors
              plastic/metal house
Li-Po battery for wearable devices